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The hCG Diet


The hCG Diet that we run at our clinic is based on the work of both Dr. ATW Simeons and Dr. Daniel Belluscio under whom our Dr. Bella Beraha trained. It is a medically supervised programme entailing the use of prescribed medication (hCG), a controlled eating plan and one on one follow-up between patients and the doctor.

At a minimum, patients are required to follow up in person weekly. This encourages both accountability on the part of the patient and enables the formation of a relationship between doctor and patient that fosters progress and ultimately success. Our professional team is here to provide you with the required support and information needed during the complete process in order to achieve your goals and to maintain them. The hCG diet is fastest weight loss you will ever experience.

HCG stands for human Chorionic Gonadotropin- a hormone present naturally in both men and women though it surges in pregnancy. In non-pregnant women and in men, research suggests that hCG increases metabolism. Going on a low calorie diet alone would help you to lose weight but not from your stored fat which is the area you need to target and you would also experience side effects including hunger and discomfort.

HCG combined with a low calorie diet will trick your body into burning stored fat versus the normal reserved fat and thereby produce not just great weight loss but a sculpted result as well. hCG is a prescription drug and must be administered, prescribed and supervised by a licensed medical doctor who is trained in its use for weight loss.

The hCG used in our clinic is derived from sterile sources and is prepared by a highly regarded FDA approved pharmacy in the USA. Be aware that there are others that purchase hCG illegally and sell it on the internet or derive their product from foreign facilities that are neither licensed or inspected.

For further information or to begin your personalized weight loss journey, call the clinic at (345) 945-2881 and set up a private consultation with Dr. Beraha. Contact details can be found on our Contact Us page.

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